Hail Ayurveda, Hail Life”


Shukra Plus is like ‘Power Ayurveda’. The idea that motivated the creation of Shukra Plus is ‘inculcating Ayurvedic practices in modern everyday life’. With years of research and study of Ayurvedic medicial Science and the demands of modern lifestyle Shukra Plus (Ayurvedic Company) was founded as an answer.

Ironically, where our body needs vigorous physical activities to stay fit, we find it difficult to go for even a 15 minute walk every day. But we do run to our offices due to lack of time. Our lifestyle is the major reason for the health problems that we suffer today. There are a lot of health threats that we now face such as diabetes, blood pressure fluctuation, asthma, arthritis, obesity, cholesterol, hypertension, piles, spondylitis, skin problems, and sexual disorders and so on. But Shukra Plus is a solution to all of these and more.

The Vinayaka Associates acknowledging the healing capabilities of Shukra Plus, is taking the product to the world. By promoting it worldwide, Vinayaka Associates is unwinding the ancient, rich and secret science of Ayurveda before the world. Today, Shukra Plus has numerous happy and satisfied users across India. Shukra Plus manufactures its own medicines to ensure quality and purity at its ISO 9001: 2008 certified manufacturing unit and pharmacy in India. The company is also certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

Shukra Plus has a large team of experienced Ayurveda practitioners, efficient doctors and pharmacologists who are constantly working on improving Shukra Plus to help people across the world through Ayurveda.


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